When employees work in multiple countries there are cross-border implications for your business and the employee. The planning and coordination of domestic and foreign country tax laws can be challenging and can carry significant financial risk. Our Global Employer Services experts advise you and your employees on tax and social security issues that come into play as a result of employee mobility. And, with our global network that covers 162 countries and territories, chances are we’ve got experts wherever your employees may work.

Our Global Employer Services experts have extensive experience with assignee headcounts ranging from 1 to over 1,000. Our Global Employer Services experts have a diverse portfolio of clients and we bring the collective knowledge and experience of the Kepler Consultant network to all assignments, so we’re ideally placed to advise you.

Our Global Employer Services work falls into four main categories:

  • Expatriate Tax Services – these services cover all aspects of an assignment, including: advising on global assignment policies, including tax equalisation; Human Resources support, such as advising on remuneration and incentive plans; pre-departure/post-arrival counseling and repatriation assistance for employees; tax compliance services, such as tax return preparation, annual tax equalisation calculations; and so on.
  • Business Traveller Management Services – these services include: smart technology to assist with tax and immigration compliance for your business travellers, as well emergency location features; technology that provides real-time monitoring of employees travelling; and the ability to produce vital reports and manage all the compliance risks associated with having a globally mobile workforce.
  • Customised Payroll Solutions – this includes assistance with: payroll compliance and costs management planning; preparation of shadow or split payrolls; setting up payroll systems in new locations and for new employees; management of international payrolls; analysis of taxability of wages and benefits in each jurisdiction; and so on.
  • Global Equity Services – these services revolve around optimising employee share plans and include, for example: advising on tax implications of such plans for both the employer and employee; designing, drafting, and implementing such plans; payroll assistance and filings; and so on.

In addition to having a deep understanding of expatriate tax issues and opportunities, Kepler Consultant has a wide range of specialists whose advice spans the full range of taxes. And, because collaboration is embedded in our culture, all of our clients have access to senior-level specialists who have technical and business experience.

Our approach to serving clients is based on the idea of partner-led service, rather than partner directed service. This means that the Kepler Consultant team working with you is led by someone who you see and deal with regularly – not some remote figurehead. This hands-on approach means we respond quickly and you don’t have to tell us things twice, because with one central point of contact for all issues we ensure a timely follow-up.

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