At Kepler we create real business value by making sure our clients take proactive approach to risk management in the dynamic business environment. Our team comprises experienced professionals with experience in Risk management, Governance, and Control.

Our Risk Management Services Include:

Enterprise risk Management

Every organization needs to establish risk management as an ongoing process that can be applied from their strategy setting and across the entire organization so as to provide reasonable assurance regarding the achievement of business objectives.

We help clients embed risk management as an integral part within their organizations processes and decision making so as to minimize the impact of unpredictable events and maximize opportunities.

We also help clients by performing due diligence by assessing  organizational behaviours, insight into the operational risks, performing an all-inclusive assessment of the organizational functional areas and capabilities.

Governance Review

A corporate management style is central for the continuous existence and credibility of any organization. KEPLER provides governance advisory which includes services that help sustain organisations by providing comprehensive evaluations of organisations’ governance structures and practices.

Regulatory and Compliance

Kepler has specialized in providing assurance and assisting our clients to establish, design and improve their regulatory and compliance requirements. We strive to make our clients maximize opportunities and reduce losses by developing, implementing and maintaining effective regulatory compliance programs.

Fraud Prevention and Investigation

We help clients by offering expertise solutions to detect, deter and prevent losses. We achieve this by assisting clients in conducting fraud risk assessment, awareness training and developing appropriate policies and procedures to detect, deter and prevent fraud.

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