The public sector is facing many challenges. Governments and public sector organisations are under pressure to accomplish more each year, and expenditure is under constant scrutiny. Kepler Consultant shares its thought leadership in a number of ways, staying at the forefront of this ever-evolving space.

Our aim is to contribute to achieving an effective public sector that offers services matching budget and stakeholders’ expectations. We offer a fresh approach. We bring an independent view to our collaborations to provide practical, innovative and bespoke solutions tailored to the public sector.

By combining our deep understanding of the sector and its stakeholders with  specialised technical, process oriented and analytical skills, Kepler Consultant can contribute to both improved management and control, as well as to organisational and service development, quality enhancement, and efficiency improvements.

At the heart of our services, you will always find analytical thoroughness. This provides our clients with confidence that our proposed solutions will be the best possible starting point as an enabler of change.  Kepler Consultant’s mission is to demonstrate the interaction between activity, efficiency and quality in public services and administration. Kepler Consultant reveals the reasons why change must be made, not merely the symptoms.

Kepler Consultant likes to challenge the established truths. Our services are a driving force in creating new knowledge and motivating further development.

Kepler Consultant’s Government & Public Sector practice serves clients across many levels of government, including regional, state and local, drawing on deep experience to provide strategic and innovative solutions. Supported by an integrated global network, we also help government leaders and international organisations develop tailored strategies and implement practical solutions that make the most of their limited resources.


Key Contact

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Emmanuel Johannes
CEO, Founder of Kepler Consultant